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Teaching English and Computers

These instructional materials (sixteen lessons in downloadable booklets along with powerpoint presentations and lesson plans for teachers) support teaching basic computer terminology, hardware, word processing, internet browsing and online email.

Computers in Action:
Integrating Technology into the ESOL Curriculum

On-line teacher's guide to introducing students to computer use while teaching ESOL.
by Steve Quann and Diana Satin

English Language Space Station
This site has a section called, "Computer
Lessons: Using IT in the EFL/ESOL classroom." It also has grammar quizzes and ideas for listening and reading.   

Get podcasts and a learning guide with related activities!

Internet Basics for ESL Students
A 14-Lesson Introduction to Using Computers and the Internet for Students of English as a Second Language.
by Jim Schweizer

Integrating Computer Skills into Low Level ESL
Great starting point for those who want to learn how to apply the principle of technology integration.
by Susan Gaer

Internet Activity Book
Communicative exercises that guide students through Internet searches.
by Dave Sperling

Internet English
Book of World Wide Web-Based Communication Activities
by Christi Gitsaki and Richard P. Taylor

Introduction to Computers
This guide offers outlines for teaching about computer basics, including the World Wide Web, word processing, and Windows 95. The guide also includes recommended activities and opportunities for evaluating learning.
by Valerie Collins

Keystrokes to Literacy
Groundbreaking book on using computers with Adult Beginning Readers. Activities can easily be adapted to ESOL learners.
by Antonia Stone

Language Learning Techniques Implemented through Word Processing
Grammar-based exercise templates for becoming proficient with Word Processing.
by Vance Stevens

Learning Computers, Speaking EnglishLearning Computers, Speaking English
Student book for practicing English while learning basic word processing.
by Steve Quann and Diana Satin

Prof. Rick Shur's ESL and Computer Handouts
An extensive list of activities such as Composition and Writing, Computer Information & Activities, Dictations, Grammar & Vocabulary Information and Exercises, Reading

Recipes for Wired Teachers
Practical ideas by teachers for teachers such as Gitsaki & Taylor, Meloni, Melchoir, and Pellowe.
Edited by Kevin Ryan

Teacher-made Activities for a Computer-based ESL/EFL Class
"The activities use simple and commonly used software such as Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Word. Also, they are sufficiently open for teachers to modify them according to their objectives."
by Anil Pathak

Word Processing-based Activities
for a Language Class

A collection of activities from various teachers.
by Claire Bradin Siskin

Computer-Mediated Activities

Free, comprehensive ESL Site. Good use of technology including realtime chat, and Flash games and activities.

Breaking News English
Ready-to-use EFL / ESL lesson plans based on current affairs. Graded news articles, listenings (complete with MP3 recordings) and communicative activities uploaded daily.

English Language Institute Technology
Tip of the Month

by Deb Healey

Exploiting the CALL Lab: 5 Ideas for the Classroom
by Christine Canning

Harnessing Technology to Serve Adult Literacy
by David Rosen

Surfing for Substance
by Emily Hacker

Working Simulations
This site has a very nifty virtual office complete with actual work assignments. Although not specifically for ESL learners, activities such as answering the phone could be very useful language practice. (Shockwave needed.)

Using Weblogs / Blogs

Blogs: A Disruptive Technology Coming of Age?
Discussion of the their value and implications.

Educational Blogging
Describes how the process brings "life into learning."

ESL + EFL friendly blogs for learning English + teaching English
Provides links to blogs that can be used for learning English + teaching English because ESL + EFL students are welcome and encouraged to post comments on each blog.

Teaching with Weblogs and Wikis
Teacher blogs providing some ideas on how to get started using blogs with your own students.

Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes
Excellent guide that will help you get started.

Writing with Weblogs
Good general overview of blogging with English classes.


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